Poppy Recollections Collection

Poppy Recollections is an evocative Australian designed collection to inspire remembrance and respect for the men and women who serve our country, both now and in years past.


Remember Heart Brooch
An evocative field of 3D glass-enamelled poppies transformed into a magical 25mm heart badge. A new dimension in the tradition of the poppy that is beautiful at a distance and stunning close-up. Remember always.
RRP: $14.99

Remember Charms Bracelet
An elegant silver-plated poppy charm bracelet to wear every day. A treasured piece for wrists of all ages. Five beautiful deep enamel filled poppy charms to inspire remembrance and respect for the men and women who serve our country, both now and in years past.
RRP: $14.99

The beautiful 2D Poppy Recollections Lapel Pin.
The fashionable Poppy Recollections lapel pin is steeped in tradition. This 20mm designer poppy pin's gold plate and deep-rich enamel blends fashion and remembrance for those who want to share their inspiration and respect.
RRP: $5.00

3D Poppy Recollections Lapel Pin.
A modern interpretation of the classical poppy. This 20mm three dimensional (3D) Poppy Recollections translucent lapel pin is classically inspired designer fashion. Gold plate finish for everyday wear. Carry forward the tradition.
RRP: $10.00

Poppy Recollections Brooch.
This unique Poppy Recollections multi-dimensional 45mm designer brooch gives the tradition of the poppy a modern and fashionable update. The deep translucent petals float over rich Gold plate. Inspired by tradition. Worn with pride.
RRP: $14.99

Poppy Recollections Pendant.
A beautiful 15mm three dimensional (3D) Poppy Recollections charm and chain finished in Gold plate with deep translucent petals. A classically inspired fashionable poppy design for all ages. It remembers our promise.
RRP: $16.99

Poppy Recollections Earrings.
Classically inspired Gold plate Poppy Recollections 10mm earrings for casual or formal wear. Rich stylised translucent petals create a deep multi-dimensional finish. A fashionable poppy design that shares respect and remembrance for all ages.
RRP: $16.99

Whisper Poppy Brooch.
This fashionable stylised poppy-brooch is a timeless piece. Finished in rich red and black enamel over silver. An everyday classic.
RRP: $14.99

Resting on Reversed Arms Coffee Mug.
Remember and respect when enjoying a coffee with this superb glazed ceramic mug. Subtle design of digger at 'reverse arms'.
RRP: $11.99

Poppy Recollections Ribbon Charm Bookmark.
A truly unique bookmark fashioned in tradition and function. Two 23mm poppy charms - a filigree stylised poppy and a translucent modern poppy interpretation - swing like medals from a 100mm rich velvet ribbon finished with an antiqued brass medal suspender. A Poppy Recollections' piece to remember more than a page.
RRP: $19.99

Poppy Recollections Bookmark Clip.
This outstanding 80mm deep Gold plate '3D' Poppy Recollections book clip is a beautiful addition to any reader's library. The translucent poppy grows from the pages and honours our promise to remember every day.
RRP: $14.99

Poppy Recollections Lone Digger Lenticular Bookmark.
The Poppy Recollections lenticular bookmark revealing a lone digger in a field of poppies helping all remember that our diggers are Australia's story and we will honour our promise to remember. Measures 130mm x 50mm.
RRP: $3.00

Poppy Recollections Seed Pack.
A field of Flanders Poppies for every garden. Sow these hardy red poppy seeds and watch the poppies bloom. Remembrance and beauty for every Australian garden. Approximately 2000 seeds per pack.
RRP: $3.99

Poppy Garden Trowel.
A sturdy garden trowel with soft-grip poppy-pattern debossed handle for amazing comport and control. Garden in the memory of service.
RRP: $19.99

Poppy Recollections Cap.
Unisex Poppy Recollections cap in heavy brushed black cotton. The subtly rendered embroidered wording 'REMEMBER' contrasts the bright stylised red embroidered poppy. Flexible Hook-and-loop adjustment to fit most sizes.
RRP: $17.90

Poppy Wind Chimes.
The spirit of remembrance is carried on the wind and whimsically translated to sound through these beautifully musical poppy chimes.

Poppy Glow Candle Holder.
Create a majestic flickering aura of remembrance in any room with this ceramic poppy tea-candle holder. Supplied with a black tea-light candle.
RRP: $9.95

Poppy Glow Candle Holders Set.
This set of three stunning poppy candle holders adds an ambiance of remembrance to any room whether alight or not
RRP: $27.95

Digger Reflections Snow Globe.
A uniquely Australian snow globe. The 'red-poppy-snow' falling on the solemn digger at reverse arms shares the spirit of remembrance
RRP: $19.99.

Resting on Reversed Arms Digger Lapel Pin.
This evocative Great War digger 'at reverse arms' honours our promise to remember. A unique piece finished in silver plate.
RRP: $5.99

Resting on Reversed Arms Digger Figurine.
The evocative 300mm cold-cast bronze digger at reverse arms remembers service, sacrifice and our promise to remember. Lest we forget.
RRP: $99.90

Poppy Soft Grip Pen.
Super comfortable poppy pen with bright red soft finger grip. Ideal for those with lots of writing to do. Durable white plastic with metal clip. Standard refills available.
RRP: $2.00

Poppy Recollections Ballpoint Pen.
Reflect remembrance with this comfortable Poppy Recollections ballpoint pen with poppies artwork on stem and cap. The pen's clip is engraved REMEMBER. Standard refills available.<
RRP: $10.00/p>